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          SHJ35D Water Bracket Production Line

          SHJ35D Water Bracket Production Line

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          SHJ-35D high-torque machine typical material work capacity list (reference value)
          Blanking box
          Material: stainless steel.
          Installation location: Undertake the transition silo between the loss-in-weight feeder and the blanking port of the extruder barrel
          Building block side feeder
          Blanking box: stainless steel
          Side feeding motor:
          Speed ??ratio: i=19.85
          Power: 1.1kw.
          Output speed: 5~75rpm, constant speed output.
          Screw diameter: 36mm.
          Center distance: 30mm.
          Building block type feeding screw, using high-quality high-speed tool steel (W6Mo5Cr4V2) Shanghai Steel No. 5 Plant, heat treatment and high temperature quenching HRC56-60.
          Cylinder material: 38CrMoAlA, nitriding treatment, hardness 950~1000HV.
          Twin screw extruder host
          The aspect ratio L/D=44:1.
          Gearbox: Henschel brand imported from Germany
          Model: TGE3-34-DOS-2.5
          Transmission ratio: i=2.5.
          Rotation speed of dual output shaft: 5~600rpm.
          Specific torque: 12Nm/cm.
          Main motor:
          Power: 22kw.
          Rated speed: 1500 r/pm.
          Manufacturer: AC variable frequency Siemens motor.
          Frequency conversion speed regulation: ABB frequency converter
          Brand: British BIBBY
          Model: RO1A-Free 35G
          At the same time with micro switch
          Diameter: φ35.6mm.
          Screw groove ratio: D/d=1.5.
          Material: High-quality high-speed tool steel (W6Mo5Cr4V2) of Shanghai Steel No. 5 Plant, heat-treated and high-temperature quenched HRC58-62.
          Screw speed: 5~600 rpm.
          Screw components: divided into conveying screw block, mixing screw block, kneading screw block, damping block and anti-rotating screw block.
          Screw structure: The screw components are arranged in series.
          Screw rotation form: twin screw meshing type rotating in the same direction.
          Material: High-quality alloy steel 40CrNiMoA with high toughness, high bending resistance and high strength, quenched and tempered hardness HB300-350.
          Connection form with mandrel: involute spline.
          Barrel water circulation cooling system:
          Screw barrel water circulation cooling section: 11 sections. The nose is not cooling.
          Water pump motor, 1 set: power 0.55 Kw, 380V/50Hz.
          Circulating water tank, 1 set: Material stainless steel.
          Condenser, 1 set.
          Cooling medium soft water.
          The cooling control solenoid valve is an Italian CEME high precision solenoid valve.
          The inner diameter of the barrel: φ36mm.
          Material: The cylinder shell uses 45# steel as the base material, and the inner hole uses high-quality wear-resistant alloy bushing α-101.
          Barrel heating system:
          Heating section: There are 11 sections in total, 11 sections of the barrel are heated in 10 sections (the first section of the feeding barrel is not heated), and the head is heated in section 1.
          Heating form: electric heating rod heating.
          Vacuum system:
          Barrel vacuum position: the tenth barrel.
          Vacuum pump: Model: SK-0.8B
          The power is 1.5 Kw, 380V/50Hz.
          Vacuum degree -0.07~-0.09Mpa, pumping capacity: 48 m3/hr
          Vacuum cylinder:
          Volume: 31L.
          Piping and exhaust chamber:
          Type 35
          Head device:
          Equipped with head pressure sensing device: 0-350bar
          Equipped with head melting temperature sensor display device: 0-400℃
          Equipped with water-stretch pelletizing machine head and strip die.
          Die material 38CrMoAlA, surface nitriding treatment, HV=950~1100;
          One piece of strip board: strip with 5 holes-φ3.5mm;
          Cooling water tank
          Size: Length 3000mm
          Material: stainless steel.
          Strip guide wheel: bracket stainless steel material, guide wheel nylon.
          Circulating water pipeline; water inlet 1/, equipped with ball valve. Water outlet 1.5/, equipped with ball valve.
          Sink bracket: 4# angle steel, the bracket is equipped with movable pulleys for easy movement.
          LQ-100 type pelletizer
          Motor power: 2.2kw, brand: Taizhou Mu Shi
          Speed ??regulation method: slip speed regulation
          Number of pellets ≤6
          Maximum traction speed: 96m/min
          Cutting size: ¢3*3
          Maximum output: 100KG/H
          Rotating knife diameter * length: ¢120*960mm
          Rubber roller size diameter * length: ¢90*70mm
          Number of rotating knife teeth: 14
          Material of movable knife: WG92
          Blade material: inlaid alloy
          Dimensions: length * width * height 750*650*1400 mm
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