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          SHJ-65B Twin Screw Extrusion Granulator

          SHJ-65B Twin Screw Extrusion Granulator

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          SHJ-65 twin screw mixing extruder configuration details for reference only )

          List of typical material operation capabilities of SHJ65 machine (reference value)

          crafting process

          List of typical materials

          Operating capacity Kg/h (reference value)

          Blending modification

          PE, PP, PS+SBS; PA+EPDM; PP+NBR; EVA+silicone rubber, etc.


          PE, PA, PC, CPE+ABS (alloy); ABS+TPU; PBT+PET; PP+PE, etc.


          Filling modification

          PE, PP, EVA, etc. + calcium carbonate, talc, titanium dioxide; ABS, PC; PS, etc. + aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, antimony oxide


          PP, PA, ABS+iron powder, sulfur powder, ceramic powder


          Functional masterbatch

          PP, PA, ABS, PBT, etc. + flame retardant and other additives: combustion masterbatch


          PE, PP, PS, etc. + starch: degradable masterbatch


          PE+anti-fogging agent, stabilizer: double anti-masterbatch


          PE, EVA=ABS, etc. + carbon black: black masterbatch



          PE, PP, ABS, AS, PA, EVA, PET + pigments and additives


          Glass fiber, carbon fiber reinforced

          PP, PBT, ABS, AS, PA, PC, POM, PPS, PET, etc. + long fiber, short fiber, carbon fiber, whisker, etc.


          Various cable materials

          HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, EVA, PVC, PP and other cable insulating materials and sheath materials; PE peroxide and silane cross-linked cable materials; radiation cross-linked cable materials


          Special materials

          EVA hot melt adhesive, polyurethane, fluorine rubber, fluorine plastic, PP cigarette filter material, TPR sole material+



          Reactive extrusion

          Polyamide polycondensation, polyamide melt polymerization, polyurethane addition polymerization, polycarbonate polycondensation reaction, etc.


          Exhaust devolatilization

          Chlorinated polypropylene, super absorbent resin, chlorosulfonated polyethylene


          Powder coating

          Polyester, epoxy, acrylate, polyurethane, acrylic


          1. Technical parameters of SHJ65 twin screw extruder
          Twin screw length to diameter ratio 36:1---60:1
          Twin screw motor power 75KW DC
          2. Unit configuration
          A, SHJ 65 twin-screw mixing extruder unit
          a, gear reducer
          1) Reduction ratio: 3:1
          2) Output shaft speed: MAX500RPM
          3) Input shaft speed: MAX1500RPM
          4) The deceleration and torque distribution parts of the main engine transmission box are integrated, and the parallel three-axis design is adopted with a compact structure. Imported bearings are used for deceleration, torque distribution and radial bearings of the two output shafts.
          b. Lubricating oil cooling system
          1) Oil pump motor 0.55KW
          2) Lubricant model: Shanghai Haipai 6402 medium-duty gear oil, model 85W/90GL-4
          3) Brand: Xi'an Oil Pump Factory
          4) Condenser model: SL-305
          5) Lubricating oil pump model: CB-B6
          c. Main motor
          1) Host motor: 75KW (DC motor)
          2) Motor speed (MAX): 1500RPM
          d. Screw
          1) Screw diameter: Φ62.4mm
          2) L/D=40:1
          3) The screw is a building block type
          4) The screw mandrel is made of 40CrNiMoA, and the threaded element and the mandrel are involute connection, which has high strength, large load-bearing load, and convenient disassembly and assembly.
          5) The screw element is made of high-quality high-speed tool steel W6MO5Cr4V2, which is heat treated by vacuum quenching at high temperature.
          6) The overall hardness is HRC62~64.
          e. Barrel
          1) The barrel is made of 45 steel as the base, the eight-shaped hole is made of double alloy bushings, the wear-resistant alloy a-101 (Fe-Cr-Ni-B+Carbide) hardness is HRC60-64, and the barrel length is L=240mm/section.
          2) The first cylinder is a feeding cylinder, the tenth cylinder is an extrusion cylinder, and the remaining cylinders are closed cylinders.
          3) Soft water circulation system
          3.1 Soft water cooling is used in the barrel
          3.2 The soft water tank is separated from the body for easy cleaning and maintenance
          3.3 Solenoid valve imported from Italy
          3.4 The water pipe is chrome-plated with red copper pipe
          3.5 Cooling form: water cooling
          3.6 Cooling pump: 0.55KW
          3.7 Water tank capacity: ~120L
          f. Heating system
          Temperature control section Barrel section Heating plate type
                         The first stage feed
          Section 1 Section 2 Cast copper
          Second zone, third section, cast copper
          Zone Three, Section Four, Cast Aluminum
          4th zone 5th stage cast aluminum
          5th zone 6th section cast aluminum
          Sixth zone, seventh stage, cast aluminum
          Seventh zone, eighth section, cast aluminum
          8th zone 9th stage cast aluminum
          9th zone 10th stage cast aluminum
          Use the melting temperature thermocouple to measure the melting temperature of the material, and use the pressure sensor to measure the material pressure.
          h. Vacuum degassing device
          1) SK-0.8 water ring vacuum pump, Zibo Lianyi Vacuum Pump Factory
          2) Drive motor: 2.2KW AC
          3) Maximum air intake: 62m3/h
          4) Working fluid volume: 0.2 m3/h
          j. Electrical control system
          1) 3X380V, AC 50Hz.
          2) The main electrical control components are Siemens products
          3) The control button is a product of French Schneider
          4) The twin-screw motor is a DC motor with a power of 75KW, and the twin-screw main engine speed control device is a British European speed governor
          5) The feeder speed regulator is imported frequency converter
          6) The temperature control instrument adopts the product of Japanese RKC company, dual-channel intelligent type, one temperature control for each zone.
          7) The pressure gauge range is 0~25Mpa
          8) The solenoid valve adopts CEME9313 imported from Italy
          9) The heating is controlled by a temperature control meter through a solid state relay
          10) Electrical control cabinet control includes: temperature control system; drive system; interlocking and interlocking control system
          k. Interlocking control system
          1) The oil lubrication system is interlocked with the main engine, that is, the main engine can be started after the oil pump is started.
          2) The feeding system is interlocked with the host, that is, the feeding machine can be started after the host is started.
          3) The pressure system is interlocked with the main machine, that is, when the pressure is over, the main machine and the feeding will stop working.
          4) The current is interlocked with the host, that is, when the current is over, the host and feeding will stop working.
          B. A set of eager auxiliary machines
          1) A hot-cut template with 72 holes and 3.0mm diameter
          2) One hot-cut knife bar, four knives
          3) One piece of hot-cut pellet cover, made of stainless steel, equipped with lighting lamp and observation hole
          4) A set of screen changing device adopts hydraulic plate-type screen changing, and the motor power of the hydraulic station is 1.5KW
          5) One hot-cut pelletizer with a motor power of 2.2KW and imported frequency conversion speed regulation
          6) One piece of venturi tee connected with the eager cut cover, with a diameter of 160mm
          7) One first-stage conveying high-pressure fan with a power of 7.5KW
          8) The diameter of the first-stage conveying stainless steel pipe is 160mm and the length is 6m
          9) A first-stage cyclone separator, made of stainless steel, diameter 800mm
          10) One second-stage conveying high-pressure fan with a power of 5.5KW
          11) Silo: stainless steel material with a diameter of 800mm, the diameter of the second-stage stainless steel pipe is 130mm, a venturi tee, the pipe length is 6 meters
          12) One 0.5 square vibrating screen
          13) One spiral automatic feeder
          14) A set of automatic weighing, packaging and sealing devices
          C. Spare parts
          1) Three heaters
          2) Three pieces each of the input and output oil seals of the transmission box
          3) Twin screw screw element 300mm
          4) Two pairs of asbestos gloves
          3. Training and service
          1) Provide on-site installation guidance
          2) On-site commissioning and testing of equipment
          3) Responsible for on-site operation training and maintenance training for Party A’s personnel
          4) Provide one year free warranty for equipment failure caused by design or manufacturing quality, and long-term guarantee of the supply of spare parts.
          5) Provide long-term technical consulting services
          6) Outside the warranty period, after the supplier receives the buyer’s equipment failure notification, clear solutions will be given within 6 hours. If the supplier is required to dispatch personnel, the supplier shall be responsible for repairs on site within 10 hours (excluding midway travel time) ).
          4. Installation and commissioning: After the unit arrives, the buyer will install the unit according to the technical documents provided by the supplier, and the supplier will send commissioning personnel to the equipment installation site of the demander to guide the commissioning and installation and commissioning. The buyer shall have the conditions for trial run. After the unit is operating normally, the handover will be done, and the purchaser shall provide the user acceptance report to the supplier. The materials required for the test run shall be provided by the purchaser, and the process conditions for the test run shall be mainly determined by the purchaser.
          Five, a copy of technical information
          We could not find any corresponding parameters, please add them to the properties table


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